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  • E-Writer Tablet
  • private notebook
  • reading light
  • power bank
  • Product description: E-writer tablet, power bank, private notebook, reading light, card holder

Model: P30
Battery Type: Li-Polyer Battery
Capacity: 7000mAh
Input(Micro): DC 5V-2.1A
Output(USB): DC 5V-2.1A
Dimension: L244*W170*H26mm
Product Weight: 550g
Color Option: Red/Black

NEW Release!

E-BOOK is a revolutionary digital e-writer. It is exquisitely designed with the five major functions you would need for your day to day activities namely: e-writer tablet, power bank, private notebook, reading light, and card holder.

E-ink tablet: The 10.2 inch E-ink Tablet interface enables you to draw creative sketches, take unlimited notes, and it is your perfect tool for efficient communication. is equipped with a DEL button that helps you delete anything. Hence, you can endlessly use the tablet without running out of storage.

Lockable Notebook: A5 size notebook, can be replaced once used out. advanced motion lock feature help protect your memonote. You can use it to store your diary, passwords and other private information. Our motion launch lock offers more than 10000 different sets to protect your privacy.

Power Bank: Built-in 7000mAh power bank that can charge iPhone XS Max 2 times, iPhone XS 2.5 times, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 2 times, and also provide power for the lock and light. The power bank is slim and hidden just behind the E-writer tablet, keeping the entire footprint of the MemoNote compact.

Reading Light: Memonote has an integrated light which can be switched on and off in just a jiffy. Whether you are on a night flight or in a dim living room, you can proceed with reading and writing under its moderate light without distracting others.

Card Holder: Insert card, cash,photo, keep it organized