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Lepow Shows New Bold, Stylish Magnetic Power Banks With Smartphone Cases

Published: February 26.2014 Views: 5917
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Latticework-Designed ‘Pixels’ and Smooth-Textured ‘Pie’ Are Compatible with All Major Smartphone Models; Available in Assorted Fashion Colors


 Lepow International, a mobile device accessories company focused on creative designs and ideas, announced it will showcase its new 2-in-1 ‘Pixels’ and ‘Pie’ magnetic power banks and phone cases at 2014 International CES. The two models feature 3000mAh power capacity, magnetized connection between the power bank and case, and are available for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, HTC, and Apple iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. The new combo packages were shown in the Lepow CES booth, 50015, located in the iLounge Pavilion in LVH.


“Our new magnetized power-continuation solutions, ‘Pixels’ and ‘Pie’, are specially designed as true combinations of science, technology, and fashion,” commented Jacky Fan, Lepow CEO. “The power bank and phone case are easily attached using the magnetic plate that is on both of the items. Additionally, both models come in stylish fashion colors, allowing the user to choose the combination of colors that match his or her style.”


‘Pixels’ and ‘Pie’ were designed to improve how power banks function. Unlike other smartphone case chargers that are one piece, ‘Pixels’ and ‘Pie’ have a detachable power bank, which allows users to remove the bulk and keep their phone thin when it doesn’t need a charge. Since the power bank can be separated from the case, it is easier and more convenient for everyday use. Additionally, if users change phone models, they can simply buy a new phone case and use their existing power bank.


‘Pixels’ has a unique fashion-inspired latticework design on both the case and power bank that offers comfort and sure grip. It is available in bright colors for young, fashion-forward consumers. ‘Pie’ has a smooth, streamlined design made of rubberized material that fits comfortably in the hand. It is available in softer colors for professional applications. The USB charger on both models is located at the bottom of the battery pack for convenience and no tangled wires.


By gently shaking either model’s power bank, the four LED lights at the top will light according to how much power is left (each represents 25% power). Conversely, the lights also indicate the charging status.


Availability The Lepow ‘Pixels’ and ‘Pie’ power banks and phone cases will be available online in January 2014 with an MSRP of $79.99. ‘Pixels’ is available in sky blue or banana yellow and ‘Pie’ is available in watermelon green, banana yellow or persimmon orange. All Lepow products are available online at


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