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Date: January 7-10, 2014

Location: Las Vegas Hotel

Booth Number: 50015

Theme: Art of Digital Life

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Lepow Unveils Customizable ADD Powerbank with Changeable Power Packs

Published: February 26.2014 Views: 5417
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Unique Design Lets User Choose Amount of Power to Use in Charging; Available in Assorted Colors


 Lepow International, a mobile device accessories company focused on creative designs and ideas, is set to introduce its latest mobile power bank, the ADD. This revolutionary product brings fashion and function together with its unique attachable design and choice of colors. It is compatible with a variety of mobile devices. The ADD Powerbank was unveiled in booth 50015 in the iLounge Pavilion in LVH during 2014 International CES.


“We first came up with the ADD Powerbank when we needed an external battery charger for traveling,” said Jacky Fan, CEO of Lepow. “All the chargers we found had a fixed capacity; we didn’t have the option of changing the capacity to fit our needs. We wanted one charger, where the power could be adjusted to fit the needed strength. Our goal was to combine creativity and innovation to match the style and fashion of the cutting-edge smartphones that are now on the market.”


The ADD Powerbank is customizable. Compared to other power banks, which only offer a set amount of power, the ADD Powerbank lets the user choose the amount of power to use. The customer can opt to charge their smartphone or tablet with only the primary pack (4500mAh), or they can attach a supplementary pack (4500mAh) to get a combined power of 9000mAh.


The more supplementary packs a user owns, the more capacity they have. Extra supplementary packs act as backups, so when one supplementary pack runs out of power, it can be detached and replaced with another. The power never diminishes. Owning one primary pack and three supplementary packs is, essentially, the same as having 18000mAh in power.


The ADD Powerbank is as easy to use as snap, twist, charge, and shake. Simply snap the primary and the supplementary packs together and twist the power transmission axle to connect the two packs’ metal contact points. Then, plug in the smartphone and watch it charge. By gently shaking the ADD Powerbank, the four LED lights at the top will light according to how much power is left (each represents 25% power).


While most power banks run out of battery during use, the ADD Powerbanks’s unique design ensures the primary pack will always have power. The added supplementary pack’s power is always used before the power in the primary pack kicks in. Why does the supplementary pack drain before the primary pack? Because the ADD Powerbank has its own circuit board schematic that allows one electrical source to be drained before using the other electrical source, which maintains power and safety. Other chargers with two electrical sources in their circuit drain both of the sources at the same time.


The ADD Powerbank’s primary and supplementary packs can be charged together while attached, or separately. While attached, the primary pack is prioritized and charged first, so it can be used whenever it’s needed. The Lepow ADD Powerbank recharges faster than most other 9000mAh chargers, which can take about 10 hours to recharge. Since the ADD Powerbank’s primary and supplementary packs can be charged separately, the time needed to recharge them is only five hours.


The ADD Powerbank is truly a fashion-meets-function product. It is not only a revolutionary trend setter for a power charger, but its assorted fashion colors break away from the traditional black color that is so prevalent in the charger world.


The Lepow ADD Powerbank has an MSRP of $99.99 for a primary pack and includes one supplementary pack. Additional supplementary packs have an MSRP of $39.99 each. The ADD Powerbank will be available at retail outlets later on in Quarter 1.


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