Valentines Day Promo
Lepow International, a mobile device accessories company focused on creative designs and ideas, is bringing power and sound to your Valentine’s Day with its portable power banks and Bluetooth speaker....

In the International CES 2014 at the LVH, we displayed a wide variety of new products that featured new innovative designs with minimalistic styles and vintage-futuristic fusions......

Moonstone 9000 News pic
Charge your smart phone or tablet on the go with the new sleek and stylish Moonstone 9000 from Lepow. The Moonstone 9000 is a portable power bank combining functionality with...

PowFans Present At CES!

Published: January 16.2014 Views: 3107
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We were fortunate enough to have PowFans drop by our booth. We had some great events in stored for them. There was a game that allowed fans to get a free Orange or Green PIE phone case for the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. They had to roll a customized dice and based on what they landed on, they got a prize accordingly. The prizes were a Lepow bag, mobile cleaner and PIE phone cases available. They took pictures with our Lepow products and also wrote some great things about why they love technology and how it is enjoyable! We are truly grateful for the support from PowFans and we hope to see even more PowFans at our next event! IMG_0479 mmexport1389342247972